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Thursday, July 25, 2013

ISACA, Barcelona, electronic signature and an audit guide, part 2

As I commented a week ago, on June 4, ISACA's Barcelona chapter (ES) conducted the session "Electronic Signature" in which I was fortunate to participate as a speaker.

In this post I continue discussing market trends exhibited there.

It moves between two extremes in the implementation model:

  1. The classic, based on certificates in cryptographic smart card + card reader or cryptographic token.
  2. The cloud service model with keys who knows where, eventually in a hardware security module (HSM)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

ISACA, Barcelona, electronic signature and an audit guide, part 1

Yes, I admit that at first view it may seem like a very local interest post, but I develop some views on the electronic signature market fully exportable. Judge for yourselves.

On 4 June (yesterday afternoon, c'mon) Barcelona chapter of ISACA (ES), in its line of organizing continuing education seminars, conducted the session "electronic signature" in the premises of the Caixa Forum.

The day was most interesting, with four presentations and a very rich subsequent discussion. Presentations: CoBIT5 pill, electronic signatures from a  Public Certification Services Provider (CSP) point of view, electronic signatures from a  Private CSP point of view and presentation of the "Guide for auditing Systems that have been deployed electronic signature".